3/7/12 Stone Musings – Iron Pyrite


As the days lengthen and we have so much sun (where is our winter rain?) as we are coming into Spring, I have been working with Iron Pyrite to help me prosper my way into a home with my wife. I have noticed it helps keep me “up and at them” with the many tasks and decisions connected to home-buying. It has been helping to keep my low/unstable energy level more stable & higher. I feel more assertive and confident when I carry or wear it. I have an easier time focussing on the things I have to do to keep the material plane functioning in my life. (Some areas are still gnarly, but we wont go into that!)
Iron Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold, as its glittering golden color can cause undue excitement when panning for gold. It does not have ‘tricky” energy, though, it is very sure of being itself. It forms in 3 distinct shapes, each by a different mode of formation. This makes it a versatile, multilingual stone.The clusters of crystals are formed in an igneous manner, the precisely shaped cubes are formed in sediments, and the flat ‘sunbursts’ are formed metamorphically.Iron Pyrite is a very energetic, activated stone with a distinctly masculine energy. Its Yang vibration helps with focus and momentum. Iron Pyrite is related to the elements of fire and earth, particularly the fire of the sun. It can be used to help to get or keep yourself or a project moving. Iron Pyrite is a good stone to use in manifestation & prosperity work, bringing the fiery Sun energy down to earth to grow what we wish and work for. It is warming and stimulating. Iron Pyrite promotes self-confidence and ‘backbone.’ It has some Warrior energy, on the best sense of the word – like a well-aspected Mars in an astrological chart, it brings energy and drive. It is not too concerned about what other people think of it. (A secure Stone Person, Iron Pyrite is.)
When carried or dreamt with or worn, it can sometimes bring things up from the unconscious – emotional material – that you are ready to deal with (with its help.) I have heard of it sometimes bringing up strange physical sensations, which I think have to do with the stimulating nature of its energy. When things get moving in the body, other stuff gets pushed around & sometimes you get weirdness. Taking a little break from the stone then is a good idea. Trust your own intuitive sense of timing as to when it is OK to start working with it again. It may call out to you, as it is an assertive stone. I encourage you to work/play with Iron Pyrite if any of this sounds intriguing or useful to you. Iron Pyrite celebrates the smell of sun-warmed earth.
* * * *
I am planning a new monthly year-long (one weekend day a month) series (more new Stone People to Play with!) on Spirit & Soul, using mindfulness meditation and dropped and open attention states, including intuition training and focussing on/in the light and dark parts of the psyche & chakras correlating with the lightening and darkening parts of the year. I plan to begin in the fall sometime. Location TBA – it is possible there could be one SF/EB cycle and one NB cycle. If you want to be put on the interested list, let me know.
If you are interested in host/essing such a workshop series & have room in your house for a maximum of 9 people (sitting on floor & chairs) pop me an email: garnet8@sonic.net
Note that I do not trade space for tuition, having it at your house is for your pleasure and convenience only.



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