Midsummer Stone & Planetary Musings

June 23, 2010

I am thinking about the Sun and the Moon, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sat June 26th. coming right up. The Sun is the God of Summer, the Moon is the Goddess of The Night. They stand in opposition on Saturday in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. A water Sun and a full earth Moon in Cardinal signs, which like to initiate, move, start & do. An opposition promotes relating-between and the seeking of balance.

Citrine is a glorious Sun stone: champagne-to golden to root beer colored quartz
( a lot of the darker hues are heat-treated.) It brings confidence, cheer and power to the table. It is a stone of abundance and wealth with its rich shining Sun vibration. Citrine brings mental clarity in an uplifting, fiery sort of way. Citrine can be used to heal or work with the Will and with Power in the 3rd chakra at the solar plexus. ” This stone can work upon transmuting fears on an emotional or mental level and pulls out these thought forms from the solar plexus unblocking any congestions that may exist, including inherited ones.” (J. Lorusso & J. Glick)

The moon is given to Moonstone, which can be white or peach or gray.
It resonates with the Moon’s sensitivity and psychic power. Moonstone supports being with change – particularly the slow, unceasing sorts like the Moon’s waxing and waning. In this Moonstone reminds us of the Buddhist concept of Impermanence – in a very watery way. Moonstone is especially attuned to women and is a hormone balancer for everyone. It is often felt as a soothing stone. The moon nurtures an internal, mystical sort of power.

Enjoy long Strong Summer Days and short Strong Summer Nights!

Blessed Be,


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