Spring 2009 The formation of the Stone Library

Something new is crystallizing in Cybele's stone-world ..
While meditating with Lapis Lazuli during an investigation of 
the planet Jupiter, I recieved the suggestion (or instruction) to
"Create a Stone Library." Since I love libraries and their atmosphere
 of resource and circulation, I found this suggestion charming. Lapis awakened
 me to the fact that to my stones are a community resource, a gift that
 "wants to move" as Lewis Hyde would say. Stones have incredible reservoirs 
of healing energy and other powers that they will share with us if they are
 approached in a respectful manner.
Over my years of devotional stone-study, I've collected quite a few stones... 
My hoard includes crystals, pocket pieces & a few larger specimens. 
 Some of my stones have been living in a basket awaiting my next Dreaming 
Stones workshop, (where they will get to work & then go live with a different 
human) while others rotate in & out of magical/healing use. (They jump in and out
 of my pocket/pillowcase as the Spirit moves them.) Some of these stones
 seem to feel warehoused/ignored/ under-employed. (Are they bored?
Claustrophobic?) It seems they want more interaction. Perhaps they also want 
to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. (Do stones have ego needs?) 
Surely, they want more human focus and attention. Time to circulate!
I am thinking & dreaming on how to make this Library work in a simple & 
sustainable way. I am requesting help from the Invisible Realms,
calling on Sekhmet,the dark lion-headed Goddess (who is sometimes called 
"The Lady of the House of Books")- and the Spirit of my Virgo mother, 
 a woman of great organizational skills - which she hopefully still has to 
loan me from the other side. Ideas for the structure of The Stone Library:
 *Having a small yearly membership fee
 * Offering limited regular monthly library hours in S.F.& Santa Rosa
(I have offices for Bodywork & Stone-Medicine in both places) I might end up
 having library hours at another site in either county - this idea is still 
under construction.This schedule will allow a month's loan time for any given 
stone - a nice lunar time-span - 
 Library stone-loans will require a cash deposit as well
 stones can be lost & it is known that people can sometimes forget to return 
library items on time. The deposit will ensure funds to replace lost
 stones & reimburse me for time spent tracking down forgetful Library 
members. As my stones vary in their monetary & sentimental value, 
*I will set a standard deposit amount.
The loss of a library stone  will= total forfeiture of your deposit. 
Late fees will cost you 1/2 of your deposit - unless 
your lateness is extended & becomes a big hassle for me.
 All this structuring is a work-in-progress. I will provide details once 
they are set. I hope to launch the Stone Library by Summer Solstice of 2009.

One Response to “Spring 2009 The formation of the Stone Library”

  1. its a great idea! I think its a first. – blessings-EB

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