The Spirit of the Fountain


The Spirit of the Fountain & the Spirit of the Waterfall 

These two workshop cycles are the foundation of Cybele’s 7 Gates work. The cycles move  up through the 7 basic, manifest chakras and then down through the chakras with pairs of corresponding stones. 


 The Spirit of the Fountain is  Path of Liberation,  ascending the chakras  from root to crown. We  begin at the root and work up through  chakras  1-7, with  corresponding  stones and rainbow  of colors from red to violet.  Color  meditations allow us to enter the powers and illuminate the areas of life that resonate with each chakra.  Each month we move up a chakra, finishing with an integration session. The  stones  we meet at each chakra are guides to that chakra  as well as mirrors of our gifts and challenges at that level of being.


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