Stones For Balance

I have been thinking about the Autumn Equinox, the quality of balance and the stones that foster and support balance. On this day ( Sept. 22 this year) when night and day are equal before the darkness begins to grow towards the longest night of Winter Solstice, I like to ponder and honor balancing the light and shadow in my being. I am a Libra with many planets in Libra, and the Fall Equinox is always the day that the sun enters Libra, the sign of the scales. I find that I spend a lot more time seeking balance between extremes rather than actually experiencing it, but as I age towards Crone-hood, perhaps I will hover gently on the subtle point of balance more often.One can hope. The stones I have selected to write about are Tiger Eye and Jade.

Tiger Eye is a metamorphic stone with lovely silky chatoyancy (reflective shimmering.) It is a stone of both the Sun and the Earth. Its alternating bands of gold and dark brown hold the key to its balancing Medicine. It has other qualities like sensuality and energizing and grounding – grounding always helps with finding balance – but those are not our( my/ the?) focus here. Tiger Eye tells me that its balancing Medicine is the movement between shining and drawing the eye in, between radiance and magnetism. Also its shimmer gives movement, and no matter how still balance looks or feels there is often subtle movement in it. Balance cannot be rigid, as it will then be too vulnerable to being knocked over. flexibility is a hallmark of balance. Tiger Eye brings a friendly, playful tone to its support of balance.

Jade brings balance through its green heart chakra resonance. Jade grows in other colors than green, but I am speaking of the green Jade here. Green is the center color in the visible spectrum and the heart chakra is 4th among 7 chakras, occupying the center. Jade has other qualities to its Medicine such as prosperity and healing, but for the Equinox I speak to its Medicine of balance. Centering is part of finding balance. I have found some interesting differences between the dark green Jades  – found here in California and northwards – and the lighter green Jades that I dont know their growing locales. The dark green Jade supports balance through grounding and drawing your energy inward to promote taking responsibility for one’s own projections, speech and actions. It also tells me it tunes the inner ears to hear the highest or deepest (most refined and universal) voice in the mind.  The lighter green Jades bring balance through ‘widening the wings’, opening the heart and relaxing the face, jaw, head and mind so energy can be distributed more evenly throughout the body and being. It works gently through the heart and has a subtle flexibility. It shows me a gentle breeze blowing a tree with slim branches that bend ever so slightly as their leaves sigh their wind song.

Jade instils feeling of sacrifice that relate to emotional growth. In ancient China, the “Jade Emperor” was a cosmic deity associated with power in the service of sacrifice. He also represents the giving and sustaining of the following virtues over a lifetime:  humility, wisdom, justice, and courage  from Healing with Crystals and Gemstones by Daya Sarai Chocron.


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