7 Gates: Introduction 2022-2023


The 7 Gates journey gives the seeker an opportunity to work in the sacred circle and create ritual, draw, write, share, move, chant, deepen body-awareness and learn the craft of laying-on of stones. The 7 Gates Journey is divided into two distinct roads:

The Spirit of the Fountain & The Spirit of the Waterfall.

These roads travel through the physical body and the subtle energy body, as the Chakras unite them. The Spirit of the Fountain is the path of liberation. The journey begins at the base of the spine in the root Chakra and follows the stream of life energy upwards. The second Chakra is explored in the second session, and so on. Each session includes two new stones.

Gemstones are children of the Earth; sources of beauty, power and healing. Each pair of stones act as guides to our gifts and mirrors of our challenges at a particular level of being. As we visit each stone through both inner and outer senses, we honor and commune with the Spirit of that stone.

Color meditations take us into each Chakra, illuminating its powers, physical structures and the areas of life it governs. (Throat Chakra is Turquoise Blue, the Thyroid Gland and Communication.) Completing the Fountain cycle from red root to violet crown is like a total housecleaning – all floors of the house of our body cleaner, more orderly & beautified.

Cybele’s second 7 Gates Journey is the Spirit of the Waterfall, the path of manifestation, which allows us to use the knowledge we have gained to help manifest the changes we seek in our lives. What matters in the dense-ing down into Matter?

Each cycle meets one weekend day a month for eight months. Students asked to commit to only one 8-month cycle at a time. Please visit Cybele’s Schedule for information about the next 7 Gates Chakra and Gemstone Journey. Workshops have a sliding scale fee.


Upon completion of both the Fountain and Waterfall cycles, participants are invited to become Stone Keepers. This is a year of ritual devotion to one gemstone focusing on the spiritual path, healing and the development of intuition.The Stone Keepers have been working and evolving together since the spring of 2004. They meet with Cybele one weekend and one Saturday during their year of priest/essing their stone. Each participant is entrusted with individual tasks that honors their stone and promotes their growth. The Stone Keeper’s work feeds and nourishes the body of work that is 7 Gates. At the year-mark meeting, Keepers release their stone and choose to enter another cycle of Stone Keeping or to step out of the group to follow other pursuits.

For additional information on other workshops please see Cybele’s website.


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