Stones & Stars for Autumn (Virgo, Libra)

September 19, 2009


Autumn Stones –  lore for virgo & libra

9/18/09    Autumn begins on the equinox (sept. 22) but i am posting this early in honor of today’s whiz-bang new moon. New moons are the sun conjunct the moon, and today saturn and mercury have jointed the pile-up. A lot of mutable, earthy  virgo energy moving through these gods/planets/arxhetypes right now. Plus, I want to share some virgo stones, as the summer stones barely touched on virgo. in a birth-chart, The virgo moon is often called “the witches moon” – virgo energy is healing, discerning, crafty and skillful. Virgo is the virgin, she-who-is-complete-unto-herself.


Sapphire is a virgo stone.  its name means “Beloved of saturn.” Saturn gets a bad rap as it is limiting – but

it also focusses, creates discipline and builds structure. Saturn will cut away excess and dead wood. One of saturn’s names is The lord of karma – the law of cause and effect,

writ large across lifetimes. Sapphire is a stone of devotion

to spirit. It symbolizes faith.I am speaking here of the blue to indigo range of sapphire’s colors. Sapphire can support a detached mental focus as well as invoke the mystery of the blue at the center of the candle flame – a doorway into the spirit-realms. Sapphire is expansive, calm and no-nonsense in its energy.  It also holds a deep empathy that engenders selfless service. (the path of service belongs to virgo – and pisces.)Sapphire stimulates the desire for knowledge and the seeking & distilling of wisdom. Blue sapphire can provide clarity and truth. It can help organize ( a virgo function) your thoughts and clarify your intentions. Sapphire has a fine, high vibration (whether it is translucent or opaque) and a great deal of power. “to feel attracted to the sapphire is to feel attracted to god.” (Renate Sperling)


moss agate is also given to virgo. this is an unassuming yet powerful stone. It sometimes includes milky translucent

areas with green inclusions that look like plants growing in the stone. Moss agate resonates with the plant kingdom, the devic realm and the Earth. The clear areas in the stone have the feeling of the opening of a leaf, breathing and unfolding. this puts me in mind of the plant-lungs of this planet. Virgo is a sign associated with healers, particularly herbalists. Moss agate grounds and enhances mental concentration – mercury rules virgo and the mind. Moss agate boosts our ability to communicate ( Mercury again!) and boosts the immune system –  making it a good autumn-health stone. Moss Agate ” encourages us to act reliably;  through our improved behavior, it opens the way for good luck…  It strengthens goodwill towards life.” (Renate Sperling)


Tourmaline is a libra stone – libra is

the scales, and it begins on a day of balance, the autumn equinox. It is a cardinal air sign – cardinal signs like to initiate things, and they fall at the solstices and equinoxes. Tourmaline also grows in many colors – i am focussing on the pink and the blue varieties here today. Tourmalines regulate the entire endocrine system, balancing ( a libra function) the hormones. Having lived through both puberty & menopause, I will never underestimate the force and power of hormones!


PINK TOURMELINE is called the Queen of Tourmalines –

it synthesizes love and spirituality, promoting peace and understanding. Libra is ruled by venus, the goddess of love –

it is a peace-loving, relationship-oriented sign. Pink tourmaline carries a high-vibration, unconditional love in its aura, linking one’s hear to the heart of the earth. pink tourmaline is healing for the physical & emotional heart.


Blue tourmaline works with the throat and brow centers to help open and develop psychic gifts and the ability to articulate these intuitive perceptions. Blue tourmaline is somewhat translucent, and grows from light blue through

to a fabulous midnight blue. This stone is a useful tool for healers, facilitating contact with spiritual energies and   increases receptivity to blessings . Blue tourmaline supports deep meditative states, surrender to the divine, and the release of attachments to the past. It ” activates the progression towards service… helping all to realize the power of love.” ( melody)


opal is a libra stone. I am focussing on blue andean or peruvian opals and boulder opals, out of the many varieties of opal.  an Opal can include up to 20% water and gas in its body, making it a stone of water and the moon. Many opals display “fire” – a scintillating play of color across their surface. An australian legend reports that a gigantic opal governs the stars, human love and thE gold within the mines. – The Book of Stones, by R. Simmons and N. ahsian Opal is a stone of jubilation and joy. In india the opal was thought to be the goddess of rainbows, turned to stone when fleeing from the unwanted advances of the gods. (M. Geinger) The rainbow is an image connected to libra in metaphysical teachings. Opal encourages spontenaity, poetry, desire and an interest in the arts. It strengthens the will to live – through awakening the enjoyment of life. Opal stimulates creativity and sexuality. In love, opal inspires trust and affection.


blue andean opal Is supportive of free expression and mystical visions. It helps to clarify “right action” and decreases reactivity by increasing centering and the neutrality it affords.


boulder opal lives in a matrix of brown ironstone, displaying violet and blue fire. it supports the emotional body, lifts depression snd helps you receive more life force ans creative energy. It inspires creative wildness and leaps to higher levels of knowledge. Boulder opal can help to resolve inner conflicts  of seemingly opposing desires, ambitions or dreams. It can provide a connection to the stars, spirit guides and animal guides. It looks like a revealed secret of the earth, as if the northern lights had made a nest in rich, red-brown earth.


A Lunar note:    I am beginning a year-long astrology and stone medicine cycle of monthly workshops focussed on the Nodes of the moon & the soul’s journey on Oct 25th in Petaluma. for more info, look at my schedule on this website or  contact me at

bright Blessings



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