7 Gates: A Chakra and Gemstone Journey

7 Gates: A Chakra and Gemstone Journey is  Cybele’s  series of monthly  day-long  sessions of  intensive Circle work focussed on the Chakras & related  Gemstones. Circle work  is meditation, healing, learning and celebrating  in sacred space –  in the Circle  which allows opening and promotes focus and provides protection.  Chakras are  energy vortexes in the body that correspond  to endocrine glands  and  resonate with specific powers/ areas of life . For example: the Throat Chakra corresponds to  the Thyroid Gland and  the power of Communication. The Stones are children of the Earth, sources of beauty and power and healing. Cybele has found a Tribe of 28 Stones that she works with in 7 Gates groups through her meditations and devotional study of the Lore and Geology of Stones.


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