Summer Solstice Stone Musings: Septarian Nodule

One of the things that has been illuminated  for me by the light as we move towards the longest day  of the year on Summer Solstice is the idea of taking full responsibility for myself. It has become a somewhat hackneyed phrase but I still think that the meaning bears some attention & thought. Responsibility is one of those Saturnian, grown-up words that eddy up against my shores as I grapple with maturity in my 50′s. (late, you think? I never had children or owned a house – till we bought a house 7 weeks ago.) I have had lots of responsibility in my work as a Lomi Bodyworker, especially when my practice was full of incest and abuse survivors, all of whom were in and out of crisis with their PTSD. Many of those people have done so much healing over the years – with my guidance, their inner guidance & help from other healers – that my practice does not have the same feel in the last 5 or 10 years. So I know about responsibility to others; but I am focussed more here on responsibility for myself as a part of my accumulating maturity.(Yes, I am having Saturn transits.)

What does this have to do with the stone Septarian Nodule? One author whom I respect (Renate Sperling, in her gorgeous “coffee table” /reference book
The Essence of Gemstones) gives the words RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE’S LIFE
to the Septarian Nodule. She also says ” This stone not only lets memories come to life again, but primarily gives us strength to pursue our current life, it leads us to more responsibility for our life. It allows us to mature.”

But what does it look like? Septarian Nodule is a combination of  yellow Calcite, Pyrite, some type of Quartz or similar minerals ( Chalcedony & Aragonite). It  forms Geodes  of Yellow Calcite within other colors of gray, brown & sometimes black   as its matrix . It is often found carved into Buffalo fetishes or the likes. It looks quite beautiful yet strangely plain in some ways; humble and unassuming. ” Septarian is reputedly from the Latin Septum or seven, because the mud ball from which it forms on the seabed splits into seven points radiating in every direction.” (Judy Hall) You can find slices that show the 7 radiating weblike points which are quite lovely and powerful as well.

I dont usually work with stones that have so many varieties combined into one.
(I have worked with Ruby Zoisite, which is obviously Ruby + Zoisite, but that is only 2 stones merged.) This makes Septarian Nodules a particularly interesting stone for me to work with, sussing out the harmonics of the different component stones, as well as the synergy of them all in its integrity and wholeness. I find it to be grounding in a soft, undemanding way. (Sedimentary stones are usually literally softer stones, and their energies or Medicine usually reflect this in some way.)

It is a good stone to Journey with, providing interesting choices of direction. Its seven points or rays connect it to the 7 chakras and that wholeness. It is a contemplative stone, pulling one to reflect upon one’s life & actions and the larger questions of meaning, fate and free will. It can offer both flexibility and endurance; it relieves stress and depression. It is a good stone for self-healing in meditation or laying-on of the stone, or as a pocket stone that you can frequently touch. I find it calming to look at, quieting to an over-active 6th chakra/Third Eye. Because of the Aragonite that is within it, it is useful to people who push themselves too hard. Septarian nodule is a stone of Harmony that promotes generosity.

Back to taking responsibility for oneself. As the light peaks on June 20th and the darkness begins to increase, we can be in all our light by reclaiming as many of our shadow-projections as we are conscious of, taking them back into ourselves so they can be faced, processed and integrated. We can thus take responsibility for ourselves and become more mature and whole. Septarian Nodule is a good ally in this process. Take a look at your fears and angers and aversions, the things in other people that just drive you crazy. What part of your energy is like this? What are you disallowing or finding hard to contain & be conscious of? Return, return, return & bring it within. Breathe it in with compassion and humor. Polarizing against the Other & using them to define yourself  politically or spiritually is a projection-based, unstable and irresponsible process or stance. Also very easy and human to do. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Pogo (by cartoonist Walt Kelly)

All the darkness is inside us in all this sunlight, let it be your reclaimed shadow parts. ( I am not in this case, talking about the Golden Shadow, which is disallowed positive attributes we idolize/admire/are envious of in others.) C.J. Jung did say ” 90 percent of the Shadow is Gold” but I suspect he was also talking about the process of integrating the power of the wild, raw, savage parts of ourselves. ) Septairian Nodule is gentle and patient & confers those qualities if worked with. I encourage you to find a piece and make friends with it if all these qualities speak to you.  Other Matters :

I am teaching a Dreaming Stones workshop in San Francisco Fri eve Aug. 3rd and Sat August 4th. You get to choose, dream with and keep a stone (who really chooses you.) !! Fun. Limited to 6 dreamers.

I am also planning a new form of  my basic Stone Medicine workshop, 7 Gates: A Chakra and Gemstone Journey for September 11-Oct 30 I will offer it as an 8-week evening class (rather than a 8-month daylong weekend class.) in Marin County.(see Schedule for more details)

I am offering a new Stone Medicine workshop on  Will and Willingness  on  9th (noon – 6 p.m.) in  East Bay We will work with  6 stones in three pairs & focus through the Crown and Third chakras. (see Schedule for more info)

If you want more information or to be put on an interested persons (person of interest) list for any of these classes or workshops, please look under Schedule here in my website  or email me at



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