Cybele’s November Stone Musings

Greetings, friends and Stone-lovers!

I have the great good fortune to be working with the stone Kyanite of late
(the blue variety) and to be thinking about the quality & function of Faith. In the class I am teaching we are working with Kyanite as an autumn stone, associated with the associated element of water. It is a 6th chakra/third eye stone, high vibration in its upper chakra activation. It forms in a sort of rod- like flat shape, and is a slate-ish blue with a little white in the vertical striations. When raw (not tumbled) it feels slightly flakey and greasy. In its Medicine it is a connector, specifically a builder of bridges, inner and outer. It can facilitate the linking of parts of the psyche or parts of the body & can be an aide in negotiations. It has a refining & elevating function when I work with it. Although it opens the Brow chakra, I dont find it ungrounding. Perhaps that is partially because it is a metamorphic stone, formed under great pressure and heat, forces so great it cannot become liquid – things get squeezed out and in and all the fibers of the stone arrange themselves in the most efficient way to bear the pressure. (Metamorphic stones as a group give strength, efficiency, endurance and stamina.)
Kyanite can be cooling and reduce inflammation when used to heal the physical body. It will unblock things on the energetic level so one’s energy can bridge the snarl or breach and move more freely. It is a wise stone, but you need to go to meet it in order to partake of its wisdom. It has boundaries – but boundaries also make a surface for contact. It deserves our respect – as do all the Stone People, but I am thinking here of how to “go to meet” the Spirit or Being of Kyanite. I find it an autumn stone in the sense of the autumn of life, when wisdom has ripened and accumulated and crystallized in a person.
Concurrently I have been thinking a lot about Faith, having been sorely tested/separated from my Faith in the last few years. Partly this has been through having a great deal of fear come up, which I understand astrologically but whatever, I still have to live through it and work with it. Much of the time it blocked my access to my tools and to Spirit or Source, as well.(Just when I need them most!) Now that I am more even and neutral in my mind and heart, I can think about Faith and how it is the antidote or other choice to fear. I have been working with cultivating a sense of Faith that is so basic that it doesnt have much “in” in it – as it “Faith in…” it is more of a foundational reality strata. Kyanite is helping me to make a bridge to what I am discovering and co-creating. Slowly I am getting flashes of Deities I have Faith in, as well. Questions about the nature of trust and belief swirl around in this process, getting simmered in the cauldron of Mystery to re-emerge transformed, I suspect. Time will tell. Kyanite is also helping me in this exploration by giving me images, visions that I can hold as I nurture my budding/repairing Faith before it gets to the language level. These are potent and useful. Faith feels to me like a root, heart and crown chakra function or power. Below, middle and above – a balanced trinity partaking in the power of three.
I would be interested to hear o your musings on/experiences of Faith, and any adventures you have with Kyanite. if you work with him/her.


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