Summer Greetings!

I have been musing on and enjoying a summery stone, Red Jasper for the last few days. It is a yummy red-brown color and quite opaque. It is an earthy stone, bringing to mind the sun-warmed earth of Chama Canyon in New Mexico.

Red Jasper’s Medicine favors and blesses same-sex unions, and as new York state has just started marrying gay couples, it is a stone to lay that foundation and support those rituals. I am especially joyful to share this stone with you now. It emanates warm, grounding friendly,  joyful &  kind energy. It nestles well in the hand.”Red Jasper stimulates the circulation and energy flow. It imbues courage. It helps us pursue and achieve goals with determination.” (Michael Geinger)


~ by garnet8ate on August 17, 2011.

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